Why do I need a home warranty?

A home warranty is needed to help lower repair costs, mainly if the appliances in the home are older or are due for repairs. While this might sound a bit counterintuitive at first, the aim is to save money and wisely budget for upcoming expenses.  

A home warranty is great for homeowners that have an older appliance such as a refrigerator, air conditioner, or stove because older appliances more are likely to develop faults than new appliances — faults which could require repairs that run into hundreds of dollars or even replacements with brand new units.

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Built-In Food Center

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Well Pump

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Guest Unit

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USAHomeWarranty.com is a platform that has been designed to bring together prospective homeowners and even current owners to home warranty providers. The site helps protect and manage home expenses, particularly those beyond the purview of a regular homeowner’s insurance policy.

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