Summer is around the corner. Is your AC prepared? Stay cool and chill out with these tips, and keep your peace of mind with a home warranty.

Waking up to a broken air conditioner, covered in sweat and unable to go back to sleep is the worst. Whether your unit is a Carrier or Trane, there are a few steps you can take to keep the air flowing at its coolest. Avoid those huge AC bills with some simple precautions and a home warranty from our network of Home Warranty experts.

Change Your Filters

Every unit has a disposable air filter. This is what keeps your air free from dust and dander. As the air circulates throughout your home, it pulls particles of dust and debris into the unit. The worst of it collects on the filter, and it will build up over time. Changing your filter after a long winter will keep your unit from working harder than it should.

Check Your Vents

Things get shifted around your house every day. Take a look in each room and check that nothing has moved in front of your air vents. This includes rugs and furniture. If you have kids or pets, check for toys that could end up on floor vents. Check each vent to be sure they are set to the open position.

Clean Up Outside

The most important part of your AC is the compressor or pump outside the home. Because of exposure to the elements, it is also the most likely to get clogged with debris. After months of falling leaves and decaying vegetation, you will want to clear away anything that has fallen onto your unit.

Check the Lines

Clean pumps and filters are important, but Freon is the lifeblood of your AC. Without it, the unit would blow room temperature air throughout your house. There are refrigerant lines that run from the back of the unit to the home. These need to be covered in insulation. Make sure it isn’t cracked or peeling.

Turn It On

It’s important to ensure the unit is in good working order before summer is in full swing. All the precautions you can take aren’t always enough. The older a unit gets, and the more seasons it works through, the more likely it will have a major malfunction. A home warranty will save you many AC service bills when the unit inevitably fails for good. Turn your unit on and make sure cold air is coming out of the vents.

Check for Ice

If you see frost or ice on your AC, it could mean a frozen evaporator coil. This could mean you need refrigerant or a more serious issue. Turn the unit off and contact a professional. Your home warranty will cover the repair or replacement of the unit. This is the greatest peace of mind leading into the summer.

A home warranty combined with these simple precautionary measures will save you countless money and headaches through the dog days of summer.

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